Top Down Action and Space Exploration
meet Asteroid Mining Automation
Overview Overview

Send expeditions to the surface of passing asteroids to mine and explore.

Get better tools and equipment to start automating your mining expeditions.

Each asteroid is procedurally generated

Manager your equipment strategically.

In the not so distant future the cost of living on Earth has become astronomical - a paradise for the lucky few wo can afford it and only an aspiration for those who can’t. Guess which group you're in?
Fortunately you’ve got a sure fire path to profit in the asteroid belt thanks to your pseudo employment contract with the Cube Corporation and their motivational representative CUBO.

Command a customizable star ship and assemble a faithful crew of bots as you save up for that ticket to Earth and get to finally come home... for the very first time.
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Features Featuress
  • Start automating! Build up a large collection of worker bots and mining equipment.
  • Upgrade your tools! There are many corporations in the asteroid belt and each has specialized devices to offer.
  • Defend your equipment from the pirates preying around the asteroid belt.
  • Expand your freighter! As your gathering capabilities grow you will have to expand your manufacturing capabilities.
  • Assemble your faithful crew of bots and start mastering the mining laser and gravity tether.
  • Explore an array of asteroid regions throughout the belt. Each with different properties, resources and challenges.
  • Procedurally generated asteroids will keep you guessing and test your operational planning skills.
  • Complete various contracts for different corporations where tasks include data collection, search and rescue and equipment manufacturing.